High Performance

All configurations of Rotek slewing bearings are also available in precision tolerances. Rotek offers precision units in single row ball, cross roller, and three-row roller configurations. Depending on raceway diameter and slewing bearing configuration, critical feature size and fit specifications can be held in the following ranges:

   •   Runout tolerances of the range of .0002" to .001"
   •   Concentricities to within .0002"
   •   Surface flatness to within .0002"
   •   Parallelism to within .0002"
   •   Bolt hole positions to .010" diameter
   •   Gear precision equal to or exceeding AGMA 10

Raceway Diameters: 12" to 180"

Contact Rotek Application Engineering for information, 800-221-8043

Gearing: Internally geared, externally geared and gearless models are available

Precision turntables and index tables, Robotics, Medical diagnostic equipment, Filling equipment, Radar and radio telescope antennae, Test stands and testing equipment