Vendor Conformance

Vendor Certification of Conformance (C of C) Requirements (dated 10/15/2010)

Vendor Certification of Conformance (C of C) must be sent with the shipment and kept on file by the Vendor, and will be made available upon request.  The period of retention must be for a minimum of five years.  Vendor Certification of Conformance will be maintained on file in the Rotek receiving department for a period of five years.

Certification of Conformance (C of C) shall contain:

1.    Vendor company name

2.    Rotek purchase order number

3.    Quantity of material on Certificate

4.    Rotek material number (part number)

5.    Rotek drawing / revision level

6.    Batch / lot / heat number

7.    Any qualification of operators and equipment, where applicable

8.    Specific requirements as identified within the body of the purchase order (Mil-specifications, ISO specifications, EN specifications, etc.)

9.    Statement of compliance

10.  Signature and title of an authorized representative of the Vendor.

C of C Requirements PDF