Subcontractor Workplan

Contractor / Subcontractor’s Workplan

All Contractor / Subcontractor work performed on Rotek property must be done so in accordance with the Contractor / Subcontractor’s Workplan.

This document (see attachment) requires all Contractor’s to:

•    Supply their own equipment

•    Follow specific electrical standards

•    Be a citizen of the United States or a valid Green Card holder

•    Sign in at the gate upon arrival

•    Wear proper safety gear

•    Follow all OSHA safety regulations

•    Obey Tobacco-Free rules and regulations of Rotek

•    Obtain a permit before utilizing any hot work techniques such as welding, cutting, or brazing

•    Report any environmental spill

•    Clean all areas where work has been performed

Lastly, all Contractors and Subcontractors are required to:

•    Carry liability insurance coverage of at least 2 million dollars

•    Possess all necessary Worker’s Compensation permits

All specific requirements are contained within the attached specification and must be filled out and clearly understood before any and all work is performed, and a purchase order is released.

Contractor Safety & Environmental Work Permit PDF